Saturday, May 17, 2014

Current favorites

Hey guys! Today i decided i would write about my current favorites. It's not much, but i really love this stuff.

First of all, my current favorite nail polish. It is Essie's "Off the shoulder". It's a really bright pink that is perfect for the summer and i think i'll wear it a lot (maybe all summer). 

Then, my awesome Primark cup! I bought it two years ago, thinking it would be nice to put coffee in it so i could bring it to school. The problem is that i can't close the hole, so i'm kind of scared to bring it on the bus. I don't want to spill coffee on myself haha. It actually became a favorite of mine in the beginning of may when it started to be warm again. I put water in it and i don't forget to drink it anymore!

Next, my newest favorite series; Devious Maids. It was created by Eva Longoria and Mark Cherry (yes, from the Desperate Housewives!). My sister talked about it to me and at first i thought it would be too much like the Desperate Housewives, but it isn't! This series is about Zoila, Rosie, Marisol, Carmen and Valentina, five maids working for some powerful families of Beverly Hills. The series begins with Flora's death. Flora was also a maid and a friend of Zoila, Rosie and Carmen's. Throughout season one we're gonna learn more and  more about the maids and Flora's death. I really enjoy watching this series, and i absoluetly recommend it!

To me, this song screams "SUMMER!". I love listening to it and i also love watching the video, when i feel like i want to leave far away haha! I wish the guy's helmet really existed, so that we could use it in the winter whenever we feel a little down because of the cold and the rain.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favorites are!
xx Lyly