Saturday, April 9, 2016

Essence Color Correcting Products

Hallo everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about a few Essence color correcting products. These are some of the new products added to the range. There are loads of color correcting products out there, but a lot of them are quite expensive. If you know the brand Essence, you know it's really inexpensive, and that some of the products are great quality. Anyways, I picked up the color correcting powder and the concealer palette. 

All I Need Concealer Palette, 3€59

The first product I got is this color correcting concealer palette. It contains 5 very creamy shades. The packaging is honestly not the prettiest but it is easy to carry around and seems to be quite sturdy. I have used them a few times now, and I can say I really like them. The only one I don't use is the middle one, I thought I could use it to contour with but it is too orange.

As you can see, the concealers are pretty pigmented, and they cover imperfections very well. I used them under my foundation and they didn't crease at all. 

Green is used to neutralize rednesses. 
Pink corrects skin dulness. 
The third and fourth shades can be used as concealer. 
Yellow neutralizes dark under eye circles.

I personnaly applied them with a flat concealer brush, but I have to admit that when you want to color correct your face, and you don't want to use your fingers, it requires a few brushes or sponges to not mix the colors. I found these limited edition micro Beauty Blenders, and at first I thought they were ridiculous but thinking about it, this is actually super smart, as you never mix the colors on the sponges. Sadly, I found them only on the Sephora US website, but maybe a similar product could be found elsewhere. Aren't they the cutest sponges? 

Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder, 2€99 

Next I got this color correcting powder, which is made of green, pink and sand shades, that blend into a white powder. I have used this as well, and I have to admit I am not as positive about this product as I am about the palette. It does mattify my skin all day but I didn't really see a difference color wise. My skin was a little red in some places. I still use it anyways because it is a good mattifying product.

Here's a little swatch of the product. Overall, I am super happy with these purchases, as they are super inexpensive and good quality. I don't use the palette everyday, as I don't think it is necessary to color correct to go to university, but the powder did become part of my daily make-up routine.

Have you tried any of these products?

Talk to you soon,