Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Today I wanted to write a quick review about these two products I recently picked up in Primark. I got these three mini blender sponges and a bath bomb. Let's talk about the bath bomb first. It costed only 1€50. I found it near the cash registers. I wanted to give it a try to see if it could compete with a Lush bath bomb, because the prices are obviously very different. It is rose scented, which I liked a lot. The bomb itself is very simple, just plain white. So I dropped it in my bath and except making the water smell like rose, it did nothing. I can't say that I'm disappointed, because for the price it was a nice bath bomb, but I wish it would have at least colored the water. So yeah, no big competition for Lush here, haha.

Then, the sponges. I was so happy to find these in Primark! Especially because I'd seen the Beauty Blender ones, that I mentioned in this article. So there's a green, a pink and an orange one in the pack. I love the idea of the different colors, as it allows to not mix the color correcting products. As you can see, there's also different shapes, the green and orange ones are egg shaped, the pink one is pear shaped. I must say that I'm very impressed by these. I've already bought a couple of Beauty Blender dupes, but most of the time they are very hard and I don't like using them. But these are softer and I really enjoy using them, and for the price, I really can't complain! 

Would you try one of these products? 

Talk to you soon,