Friday, May 5, 2017

Benefit Cheek Parade Palette

Hey everybody!

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the new Benefit palette, the Cheek Parade. I had never used or bought any blush or bronzer from Benefit, and I caved in with this one. At first I was a little turned off by the price, not because it is expensive, but I'm not used to spending this amount of money on one product, as I usually by drugstore makeup. This palette retails for 59€ at Sephora. 

This is what contains the box, the palette and a little booklet with some explanation about each product on how to use the different blushes and bronzers. On the back of the box are pictures of the powders and the brush that is included. As you can see the palette contains two bronzers : Hoola and the new Hoola Lite. Hoola Lite is part of why I bought this palette, as my skin is extremely fair. There are also three blushes : Dandelion, Rockateur and the newest one, Galifornia. 

One thing that I was not really happy about, why is there a sticker on my palette? :( It's not a problem or anything but why? Do you also have this on yours? It doesn't affect the quality of the powders but still...

And this is what the palette looks like. I am in love with it! The first thing I noticed was Galifornia's smell. I have to be honest, I don't like it when product contain any sort of scent because I don't want perfume on my skin. But the blush is so pretty that I don't even care. The powders are sublime but keep in mind the gold glitter on Galifornia and Rockateur are spray over. Also, I usually don't use the brushes in palettes, but this one I do use for bronzer!

Overall, I love this product and I use it pretty much every day. This palette retails for 59€, and when you know that these powders are sold individually for 36€50, IT IS REALLY WORTH IT! 

Talk to you soon,