Friday, September 23, 2016

Hey everybody ! Long time no see (oopsie). Today I wanted to write about two palettes that I've recently purchased : The Essence Shape & Shadows and the Primark Illuminate Me

Essence, Shape & Shadows, 6€

This is the first palette that I want to show you. If you don't know the brand Essence, it's a german drugstore brand, and it is super affordable. This palette is part of the blogger's beauty secrets collection. A bunch of different bloggers collabed with Essence to design their own palettes. This one is from Strikeapose

This palette is an eyeshadow and eyebrow powder palette. I love the idea of having shadows that you can also use for your brows. This palette is made of 5 shadows and a prime and fix wax. 

Hazel Grace, Marilyn Metallic, Highlighter Bella Vanilla, Audrey Highbrow, Brigitte Brown, wax

Here are swatches of the shadows and the wax. I love them because they are super pigmented and not chalky at all. The shades Hazel Grace, Audrey Highbrow and Brigitte Brown double as eyebrow powder. 

Primark Illuminate Me, 4€50

This is the second palette. This is a Primark cream highlighter palette. If you know French, you'll probably find the translation funny. A "surligneur" is actually a Sharpie or Bic like highlighter, the word "surligneur" is never used for makeup. Anyways.

Here is the actual palette. It has 5 different shades, a mirror and a guide on the lid. To be honest, I don't understand why there's this guide thing, but it's only a sticker so it is removable. 

Platinum, Gilded, Elemental, Halo, Ablush

I like these highlighters a lot. Now I have to be honest they are not the most pigmented highlighters out there, they are pretty subtle and that is why I like them so much. 

So that was it for today, thank you for passing by!
Talk to you soon, Lyly.