Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Home Decor #1 : The hallway's make over

Hello everybody ! 

Today I wanted to write about something very exiting. I have not written a post about home decor so far, even though it is one of my favorite topics! A little back story : in May, my boyfriend and I moved in together, in an awesome appartement. It is an appartement that we are renting from very nice people, and the place is also all furnished. As always when you move into a new place, there are some things that you want to change a little bit. For us, it mainly was about the hallway, and here is what we did :)


To give you an idea, the hallway originally was a very dark brownish orange color, and it had a white vine stenciled at the top of the walls. Let's just say that it was pretty old-fashioned and also very dark in there, considering there is no window in the hallway.  The owners left a glass shelving unit in the hallway, which was not the ugliest piece of furniture, but it also wasn't my favorite. 

The first thing we did was painting the hallway with a satin white paint. We went for that because it would help reflecting the light and making this room a little bit brighter. We did have to go for three layers, because of the original color of the walls, and also because I didn't buy the best quality of paint (oops haha, I didn't realize how expensive good paint could be). I'm very thankful that my mom helped me so much, because without her the walls would still be orange. 


So this was the hallway after we painted it. It was already so much better!! Then we decided that it would be nice to have a shoe rack, so I bought one from Basika. I also wanted to change the lamp, since I got one as a gift from my mother in law. Then I added a little thingy on the wall next to the phone, which originally was to hold jewelry but we use it to hang our keys. On top of the shoe rack I keep a diffuser, a little box made out of glass to keep some knickknacks and a picture frame. I would really like to add a mirror, the one that you can see on the picture is the one from my vanity, I need to find another one.

And this is the final result! I absolutely love it! If it was our place I would have changed the floors as well but that's a little bit too much for now. My boyfriend and I are really pleased with the result. I wanted to show you this because I think that with some simple and non expensive changes, you can make a very big difference!

I hope that I have given you some ideas,
Talk to you soon, Lyly.